SECCHI Consortium Meeting, March 22-23, 2010
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

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Proceedings from other SECCHI Consortium Meetings

Monday, March 22        
SECCHI instruments       Chair: Russ Howard
JP Wuelser   EUVI   [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Bill Thompson   COR1   [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Angelos Vourlidas   COR2   [pdf, ppt]
Steve Crothers   HI   [pdf]
SECCHI Ops and Plans, Community Discussions       Chair: Russ Howard
Lynn Simpson   Pipeline / software updates    
Robin Colaninno   Photometric Comparison of SECCHI HI-1 and LASCO C3   [pdf]
Anik De Groof   SWAP with SECCHI   [pdf]
Simon Plunkett   SECCHI operations, future plans    
'EIT waves'       Chair: Angelos Vourlidas
David Webb   Limb CME Observations Involving a Coronal Wave and Magnetic Cloud   [pdf]
Ines Kienreich   Case Study of the large-scale EUV wave of Feb 13, 2009   [pdf]
David Long   Wave Properties of Global Disturbances in the Solar Corona: The STEREO/EUVI Perspective    
Leon Ofman   3D MHD modeling of EIT waves observed by STEREO   [pdf]
Matthew West   Using EIT Wave Observations by STEREO/SECCHI for coronal seismology   [pdf]
Andrei Zhukov   The Physical Nature of EIT Waves: New Insight from STEREO Observations    
The 3D corona       Chair: Bill Thompson
M Aschwanden   Bootstrapping the Coronal Magnetic Field with STEREO - I. Theory   [pdf, ppt]
Anne Sandman   Bootstrapping the Coronal Magnetic field with STEREO: 2. Observations    
Jon Linker   Comparing MHD models of the solar corona with EUV observations   [pdf]
Eamon Scullion   Understanding Macrospicules in Coronal holes with STEREO    
Guillermo Stenborg   Coronal sound waves emanating on pseudo-open magnetic field lines from solar active regions    
Claire Foullon   Long-period slow waves in a circular fan of coronal loops    
Tuesday, March 23        
SECCHI Data Tutorial       Chair: Simon Plunkett
Robin Colaninno   Gettng & Prepping   [pdf]
Lynn Simpson   Movie tools   [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Bill Thompson   scc_measure    
M Aschwanden   3D information   [pdf, ppt]
Alex Young   Advanced Image Processing    
Huw Morgan        
3D tomography; filaments       Chair: JP Wuelser
Frederic Auchere   3D tomographic reconstruction of Jan 2010 solar corona   [pdf]
Maxim Kramar   3D tomography   [pdf, ppt]
Dan Moses   Comparison of Helium Corona HERSCHEL Observations and 3-D Reconstruction of Inner Corona SECCHI Observations    
Bill Thompson   Strong rotation of an erupting quiescent polar crown filament   [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Yuming Wang   Preliminary statistical properties of solar limb prominences continuously observed by STEREO B/EUVI 304   [pdf]
Gary Kilper   Multi viewpoint observations of prominence eruptions    
The 3D CME       Chair: Richard Harrison
Angelos Vourlidas   The Birth of CMEs in 3D   [pdf]
Marilena Mierla   On 3D Reconstruction of Coronal Mass Ejections: Study of 31 August 2007 Event   [pdf, ppt]
Paulette Liewer   Determing CME Trajectories   [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Volker Bothmer   Source regions and 3-D structure of CMEs observed with STEREO/SECCHI    
Curt De Koning   Polarimetric Localization and Geometric Localization: Space Weather Tools to Calculate CME Velocity in 3D Space   [pdf]
Mario Mark Bisi   Selected CMEs around the Current Solar Minimum and their 3-D Reconstruction: Comparison with STEREO Results   [pdf]
CME kinematics and Energetics       Chair: Shaun Bloomfield
Eoin Carley   Mass estimates and Energetic of CMES with COR1 and COR2   [pdf, ppt]
Hong Xie   Low mass coronal mass ejections missed by STEREO A/B and/or SOHO   [pdf, pptx]
Bianca Bein   CME dynamics in relation to flare energetics   [pdf]
Eva Robbrecht   Heatwaves on the Sun    
 Shi Wu, Chin-Chun Wu   Acceleration and Deceleration of Coronal Mass Ejection   [pdf, ppt]
Eduard Kontar   Model-independent velocity and acceleration of heliospheric disturbances   [pdf]
Jing Huang   Initiation and early development of the 2008 April 26 CME   [pdf, ppt, w/movies]