STEREO SWG #21, March 24-26, 2010
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

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Wednesday, March 24        
STEREO Programmatic Status & Review.       Chair: Joe Gurman
Joe Gurman   Welcome, Project status   [pdf, ppt]
Joe Gurman/Lika Guhathakurta   HQ status, incl. senior review (for various)    
Ron Denissen   Spacecraft and ground segment status   [pdf]
STEREO Instrument session       Chair: James McAteer
Jean-Louis Bougeret   S/WAVES status   [pdf, ppt]
Russ Howard   SECCHI status   [pdf, ppt]
Toni Galvin   PLASTIC status   [pdf, ppt]
Janet Luhmann   IMPACT status   [pdf, ppt]
Data, Space Weather & Solar cycle review       Chair: Paulett Liewer
Joe Gurman (for Chris St. Cyr)   Solar cycle status   [pdf, ppt]
David Webb   Space Weather review   [pdf, ppt]
Bill Thompson   Stereo Science Centre status   [pdf, ppt]
David Perez-Suarez   The HELiophysics Integrated Observatory   [pdf]
Solar cycle and Extended Solar Minimum       Chair: Angelos Vourlidas
Chris Russell   Solar Wind Observations during 2007-2009: An unusual solar minimum   [pdf]
Janet Luhmann   On understanding this solar cycle's IMF    
Pete Riley   Interpreting STEREO Observations of the Solar Corona and Inner Heliosphere using a Global MHD model   [pdf]
Bill Thompson   Comparison of STEREO EUVI images with GONG far-side predictions   [pdf, ppt]
Chris Russell   STEREO contributions to the understanding of IP field enhancements   [pdf]
Thursday, March 25        
CMEs and ICMEs       Chair: Peter Gallagher
Huw Morgan   Isolating CME signal in coronagraph images    
Angelos Vourlidas   First 3D measurements of Post-CME current sheets   [pdf]
Jason Byrne   3D reconstruction of an Earth-directed CME front   [pdf]
Shane Maloney   The Propagation of a CME front in 3D   [pdf]
Noe Lugaz   Comparing CME direction of propagation from different methods   [pdf]
CMEs & ICMEs II       Chair: Janet Luhmann
Luciano Rodriguez   STEREO-B as a space-weather monitor at L5: a practical example    
Leila Mays   Stream Interactions & CMEs in STEREO / THEMIS and resulting geomagnetic activity   [pdf]
Chris Russell   Interplanetary shocks in the Inner Solar System   [pdf, ppt]
Emilia Kilpua   Overview of STEREO observations of ICMEs in cycle 23   [pdf]
Simon Plunkett   Evolution of CMEs in the heliosphere at solar minimum    
Christian Mostl   Modeling Interplanetary coronal mass ejections observed by STEREO and Wind   [pdf]
Co-rotating Interaction Regions       Chair: Chris Russell
Radoslav Bucik   The relationship between energetic CIR ions at 1AU and the Sun's B field from STEREO   [pdf]
Andreas Klassen   Almost monoenergetic Ion Beams associated with IP shocks: STEREO/SEPT observations   [pdf]
Brian Wood   3D reconstructions of CIRs   [pdf]
Raul Gomez-Herrero   Multipoint observations of CIRs   [pdf, ppt]
Streamer Interaction Regions & Streamers       Chair: Toni Galvin
Chris Russell   Ion Cyclotron Waves in the Solar Wind   [pdf, ppt]
Anthony Williams   Tracking solar wind structures from the Sun through to the orbit of Mars   [pdf, ppt]
Benoit Lavraud   Statistics of counter-streaming solar wind suprathermal electrons at solar minimum   [pdf, ppt]
Kristin Simunac   Rarefraction regions   [pdf]
Alexis Rouillard   White light and in-situ observations of transients by streamers    
Friday, March 26        
The Heliosphere & Solar Wind I       Chair: Astrid Veronig
Baptiste Cecconi   STEREO / SWAVES Goniopolarimetry    
Monique Pick   The Coronal and Helisopheric 2007 May 19 event: CME, EUV waves, radio bursts and energetic electrons   [pdf]
Arnaud Zaslavsky   Study of nano dust impacts using SWAVES TDS   [pdf, ppt]
Larisza Krista   Coronal Hole Identification and the Solar Wind   [pdf]
The Heliosphere and Solar Wind II       Chair: Alex Young
Andrea Opitz   IMPACT SWEA electron measurements and the evolution of the solar wind   [pdf]
Eileen Chollet   Multi-point observations of the May 2007 SEP events   [pdf]
Carine Briand   Magnetic Holes, statistical analysis from SWAVES, IMPACT and PLASTIC    
Claire Foullon   Signatures of outflowing transients adjacent to the heliospheric current sheet   [pdf, ppt]
Mark Popecki   Long Term Measurements of Solar Wind Fe Charge States: Charge State Distributions   [pdf, ppt]
Andrea Opitz   Exploitation of the combined IMPACT and PLASTIC data   [pdf]