STEREO SWG #19, February 3-5, 2009
Pasadena, California

Tuesday, February 3    
Mike Kaiser Project status [pdf, ppt]
Ron Denissen, Andy Driesman APL status [pdf, ppt]
Bill Thompson SSC/Future data rates [pdf, ppt]
Simon Plunkett  - SECCHI [pdf, pptx]
Peter Schroeder  - IMPACT [pdf, ppt]
Dave Webb (Thompson) Space weather [pdf, ppt]
Chris St. Cyr Solar cycle status [pdf, ppt]
Mike Kaiser Future meetings [pdf, ppt]
  Team Status Reports  
Russ Howard  - SECCHI [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Janet Luhmann, Peter Schroeder  - IMPACT [pdf, ppt]
Toni Galvin  - PLASTIC [pdf, ppt]
Jean-Louis Bougeret  - SWAVES [pdf, ppt]
  STEREO GI teams  
Simon Plunkett CME evolution in heliosphere [pdf, pptx, w/movies]
John Laming Charge states in CMEs [pdf, ppt]
Bernie Jackson SMEI-STEREO comparisons [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Mihir Desai SEPs: ACE, Wind, STEREO [pdf, ppt]
Yan Li Magnetic structure/evolution of CMEs [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Alex Young STEREO image processing [pdf]
Haimin Wang CMEs and filament eruptions [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Wednesday, February 4    
Dick Mewaldt Solar ENAs [pdf]
Glenn Mason In situ CIRs [pdf, ppt]
Gareth Dorrian et al. (Mario Bisi) HI & IPS obs of CMEs & stream interacts.   [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Mario Bisi IPS comparison w. STEREO & Wind [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Radoslav Bucik Energetic ions in CIRs [pdf]
Raul Gomez-Herrero SEPT CIR observations; upstream obs. [pdf, ppt]
Markus Aschwanden Flares and CMEs [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Nariaki Nitta Flares and CMEs (another view) [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Sam Krucker RHESSI/STEREO flare observationsl [pdf, ppt]
Anne Sandman Compare loops w. potential field models [pdf, pptx]
Markus Aschwanden Tomography [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Ying Liu CME reconstruction [pdf, ppt]
Paulett Liewer 3D CME trajectories [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Dusan Odstrcil Numerical modelling of STEREO CMEs [pdf, ppt]
Patsourakos et al. (Angelos Vourlidas)   Post-CME current sheet [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Ontiveros (Angelos Vourlidas) Modeling of CME-driven shocks [pdf, ppt]
Jon Linker MHD modeling for WHI [pdf]
Zoran Mikic EUVI modelling during August eclipse [pdf, w/movies]
Olga Panasenco Erupting prominences and helicity [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Nat Gopalswamy CME-Type II comparison [pdf, pptx]
Yan Li ICMEs and Solar Sources [pdf, ppt]
Jack Gosling Flux rope ICMEs [pdf, ppt]
Berndt Klecker Pickup He obs. with STEREO PLASTIC [pdf, ppt]
Glenn Mason 3He rich events: solar sources [pdf, ppt]
Mark Wiedenbeck 3He rich event: in situ [pdf, ppt]
Thursday, February 5    
Al-dayeh et al. (Mihir Desai) Quiet-time Suprathermal tails [pdf, ppt]
Mihir Desai Upstream Ion Events [pdf, ppt]
Kristin Simunac Stream Interface Evolution [pdf, ppt]
Lan Jian Ion cyclotron waves [pdf, ppt]
Linghua Wang Terrestrial and anomalous ENAs [pdf, ppt]
Alan Cummings Anomalous Cosmic Ray Gradients [pdf, ppt]
Chris Russell Magnetic signature of dust pickup [pdf, ppt]
Milan Maksimovic S/WAVES dust events: nano-particles [pdf]
Chris St. Cyr SECCHI dust events [pdf, ppt]