STEREO/Solar-B Workshop
Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu, Hawaii, November 15-18, 2005

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Day 1, November 15

Morning session chair: Dick Mewaldt

Welcome/announcements Kaiser/Watanabe
The STEREO Mission Kaiser [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
The Solar-B Mission Watanabe [pdf, ppt]
STEREO/SECCHI Howard [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Solar-B/SOT Suematsu
Solar-B/FPP Berger
Solar-B/XRT Kano [pdf, ppt]
More XRT science Weber [pdf, ppt, w/movies]

Solar-B/EIS Hara [pdf, ppt]
More EIS science Doschek [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
EIS Velocity Measurement Culhane [pdf, ppt]
Solar-B/MDP Matuzaki

Afternoon session chair: Tetsuya Watanabe

STEREO Science Center Thompson [pdf, ppt]
Discussion of observation programs Culhane/Davis/Howard  


FITS World Coord. System Thompson [pdf, ppt] visualization tool McAteer
Plasma properties in current sheet from Solar-B Forbes [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Structure of kin. dissap. reg in collisionless reconn. Hesse
Dynamical prop. Of CMEs w. SECCHI Vourlidas [pdf, ppt]
Solar-B, STEREO & SOHO coordination Korendyke
Solar-B EIS & SOHO CDS Young [pdf, ppt]
Solar-B/STEREO eruption observations Sterling

Day 2, November 16, 2005

Morning session chair: Bernhardt Fleck

SOHO's Role Plunkett [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
TRACE experience Hurlburt [pdf]
CDAW experience Yashiro [pdf, ppt]
Yohkoh experience Nitta [pdf, ppt]
SolarSoft experience Thompson [pdf, ppt]
ACE/STEREO:3 view points Mewaldt
3D Sun Loop Trace Liewer [pdf, ppt]

SOHO Ops Haugan [pdf]
Yohkoh & RHESSI Ops Masuda
SMEI participation Webb [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Solar-B Science Operations Davis [pdf, ppt]

Afternoon session chair: Alphonse Sterling

Discussion morning talks Fleck
 - Haugan

Gong Hill
Use of MDI deRosa
Full disk synoptic data Arge/Luhmann


Double filter method for temp in solar atmos. Ireland
Chirality from TRACE obs. Hagino [pdf]
Nonlinear force-free field extrapolations Inhester [pdf]
Mauna Loa contributions to STEREO and Solar-B Burkpile [pdf, ppt]
IHY Davila
Latest SMEI images Jackson

Day 3, November 17, 2005

Morning session chair: Jean-Louis Bougeret

Particle accel Mason [pdf, ppt]
Lessons from Geotail Oka [pdf, ppt]
Lessons from Helios Schwenn [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Lessons from Ulysses Suess [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
RHESSI+Yohkoh+Wind Krucker [pdf, ppt, w/movies]

in situ+images Webb [pdf]
Discussion in situ/radio Webb/Bothmer
 - Culhane
[pdf, ppt]
 - Gibson
[pdf, ppt, w/movies]
 - Hagino
[pdf, ppt]
 - Mazur
[pdf, ppt]
 - Morgan
[pdf, ppt]
 - Thompson
[pdf, ppt]
 - Vourlidas
[pdf, ppt]

Afternoon session chair: Russ Howard

CCMC involvement Hesse
Status U.S. models Aschwanden [pdf, ppt]
Solar-B modeling Sakurai

Modeling discussion Sakurai/Aschwanden


Properties of ICMEs @1 AU over solar cycle Russell [pdf]
Properties of stream interactions @1 AU over solar cycle   Jian [pdf]
Ulysses' orbit 2006-2008 Suess [pdf, ppt]
Energetic particle spectrometer on TWINS Mazur
Role of 3D topology in reconnection Linton
Interp. Of STEREO obs. with global MHD models Riley
Numerical modeling and STEREO observations Odstrcil [pdf, ppt]
Reconnection and implications for STEREO Gosling

Day 4, November 18, 2005

Morning session chair: Toni Galvin

VSO Hill
VHO Merka [pdf, ppt]
Solar-B SWG recap Sakurai
CoSEC Hurlburt [pdf, ppt]
Beacon discussion Webb/Thompson
 - Biesecker
 - Kaiser

Wrap-up/summary SOC