STEREO Science Team Meeting, Jan 18-19, 2022

Tuesday, Jan 18        
Intro     Terry Kucera, GSFC    
Reconstructions of coronal electron density by tomography from multi-viewpoint coronagraphic observations     Tongjiang Wang, CUA, GSFC    
Coronal magnetic field model assessment and selection using tomographic electron density reconstructions     Shaela Jones Mecholsky, CUA, GSFC     [pdf]
Merged interaction regions propagation in the inner heliosphere and their effect on coronal mass ejections     Carlos Braga, GMU & APL     [pptx, pdf]
Joint STEREO-A and PSP Observations of CMEs     Paulett Liewer, JPL     [pdf]
Revisiting EUV Stereoscopy: Progress Report of the A1 Team     Angelos Vourlidas, JHU/APL    
Cross-section of Coronal Mass Ejections Through the Study of Non-Radial Flows with STEREO/PLASTIC     Nada Al-Haddad, UNH     [article]
Overview of STEREO Science Objective B1, recent publications and future plans     Carlos Braga, GMU     [pptx, pdf]
The space weather events of late 2020     Erika Palmerio, Predictive Science Inc.    
Synoptic View of Large Scale Solar Wind Structure and Sources over a Solar Cycle     Yan Li and Janet Luhmann, UCB     [article]
Wednesday Jan 19        
STEREO/SECCHI and SDO/AIA Help Determine Shock Formation Heights in the Corona     Ange Cynthia Umuhire, University of Rwanda    
Long-term surveys of ICMEs, SIRs, and shocks using STEREO     Lan Jian, GSFC     [pdf]
An analytical model for dust impact voltage signals and its applications     Kristina Rackovic, Observatory of Paris    
Dependence of Energetic Storm Particle Heavy Ion Peak Intensities and Spectra on CME Source Longitude and Speed     Adolfo Santa Fe-Dueñas, UTSA/SwRI     [pdf]
Longitudinal properties of the Suprathermal ion population at 1 AU     Sam Hart, UTSA/SwRI    
Properties of 3He-rich SEP events from ACE and STEREO during solar cycle 23     Sam Hart, UTSA/SwRI    
Recent STEREO measurements of CMEs and shocks     Noe Lugaz, UNH     [pdf]
High-energy Shock Particles Inferred from >100 MeV Gamma Rays from the Sun     Pertti Makela, CUA, GSFC    
Instrument and Mission Status        
Spacecraft and Ground Segments Status     Owen Dudley, JHU/APL     [pptx, pdf]
STEREO Science Center Operating Status     William Thompson, Adnet, GSFC     [pptx, pdf]
IMPACT Instrument Status     Janet Luhmann, UCB     [pptx, pdf]
PLASTIC Instrument Status     Toni Galvin     [pdf]
SECCHI Instrument Status     Brian Wood    
S/WAVES Instrument Status     Stuart Bale/Milan Milosovitch