STEREO SWG #20, October 27-29, 2009
Inns and Spas at Mill Falls, Meredith, New Hampshire

Tuesday, October 27    
Toni Galvin Welcome & announcements
Joe Gurman Project status [pdf, ppt]
Jeff Newmark HQ status [pdf, ppt]
Jeffrey Hayes (via telecon) Senior review update
Ron Denissen Spacecraft and ground segment status [pdf, ppt]
Bill Thompson SSC status [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Bill Thompson Science Operations Plan [pdf, ppt]
Janet Luhmann IMPACT status [pdf, ppt]
Toni Galvin PLASTIC status [pdf, ppt]
Russ Howard SECCHI status [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Bob MacDowall/Keith Goetz SWAVES status [pdf, ppt]
Dave Webb Space weather [pdf, ppt]
Chris St. Cyr Solar cycle status [pdf, ppt]
Joe Gurman Future meetings [pdf, ppt]
Education and Outreach Chair: Christian  
Luhmann IMPACT-WIND solar wind Website [pdf, ppt]
Gerulskis STEREO EPO Initiatives at the McAuliffe-Shepard [pdf, ppt]
     Discovery Center  
Crothers SECCHI HI: Calibration, Outreach, and Art [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Heliosphere/Solar Wind I Chair: Russell
Luhmann Update on solar wind source regions [pdf, ppt]
Liu Plasma sheet and flow out of the streamer belt [pdf, ppt]
Breneman Observations of Large Amplitude, Monochromatic [pdf, ppt]
     Whistlers at Stream Interaction Regions  
Heliosphere/Solar Wind II Chair: Russell
Simunac Stream interface slope near 1 AU and the [pdf, ppt]
     configuration of the heliospheric current sheet  
     at 2.5 solar radii  
Mays Stream interactions in STEREO and THEMIS data [pdf]
     and resulting geomagnetic activity  
Jian Studies of solar wind structure using STEREO [pdf, ppt]
Maksimovic Type III Langmuir Waves, magnetic holes, and dust [pdf]
Howard Interpreting the HI Streamer/CIR Observations [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Wednesday, October 28    
Heliosphere/Solar Wind III Chair: Howard
Wood An Empirical 3-D Reconstruction of a CIR [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Mason In-situ Observations of CIRs on STEREO and ACE [pdf, ppt]
     during 2007-2009  
Popecki Long term Trends in the Solar Wind Iron Charge [pdf, ppt]
     State as Viewed by STEREO  
Opitz Solar wind electron results by SWEA [pdf, ppt]
Russell The radial variation of interplanetary shocks [pdf, ppt]
Heliosphere and Energetic Particles I Chair: Popecki
Barry Analysis of Suprathermal Events Observed by [pdf, ppt]
     STEREO/PLASTIC with a Focus on Upstream Events     
Malaspina Solar Wind High Frequency Density Turbulence [pdf]
Heliosphere and Energetic Particles II Chair: Popecki
Mewaldt Further Interpretation of ENA Observations from the [pdf]
     December 5, 2006 Solar Event  
Mewaldt December 2006 SEP Events: Ulysses, STEREO, and [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
     ACE Observations  
Von Rosenwinge The Near-Earth Distribution of Fe/O for Solar [pdf, ppt]
     Energetic Particle Events: Is It Bimodal?  
Wiedenbeck A search for 3He-rich solar energetic particle events [pdf, ppt]
     at solar minimum using the STEREO/LET  
Klecker Multi-spacecraft Observations of SEPs: Applications [pdf, ppt]
     for 3D Propagation Modelling  
Mewaldt Radial and Latitudinal Gradients of Anomalous [pdf]
     Cosmic Ray Oxygen using STEREO, ACE, and  
CMEs and Lower Corona II Chair: McAteer
Vourlidas Verification of the Standard Model of Solar Eruptions [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
     by SECCHI  
Li Origins of Solar Minimum CMEs with ICMEs [pdf, ppt]
Wood Modeling the 2008 June 1 CME with an Evolving Flux [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Nitta Flares in 2007-2009 and their associations with CMEs [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Howard Characterization of intensity fluctuations observed in [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
     STEREO EUVI images  
Linker The Coronal Structure of the Sun During the Last Two
     Solar Eclipses  
Rich NRL IDL movie tools [pdf, ppt]
Kramar 3D reconstructions of coronal electron density in the [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
     range 1.5-4 RSun for 2008  
Thursday, October 29    
"Executive" discussion: End of Prime PIs and designees only
   Mission Review    
Discussion of Senior Review proposal input