STEREO SWG #17, November 13-14, 2007
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California

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November 13    
D. Mewaldt Welcome & announcements  
M. Kaiser et al. Project Status [pdf, ppt]
Holmes/Christian Headquarters status [pdf, ppt]
B. Thompson STEREO Science Center [pdf, ppt]
R. Denissen Spacecraft status [pdf, ppt]
D. Biesecker/C. deKoning space weather beacon [pdf, ppt]
D. Webb space weather science [pdf, ppt]
R. Howard SECCHI status [pdf, ppt]
J. Luhmann IMPACT status [pdf, ppt]
A. Galvin PLASTIC status [pdf, ppt]
J.-L. Bougeret/K. Goetz SWAVES status [pdf, ppt]
Peticolas/Quinn sonification progress  
DeJong/Liewer latest 3-D imaging  
New results - News Releases - Facilitator: M. Kaiser    
R. Howard SECCHI Best: A Selection of Early Results [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
A. Vourlidas Witnesses to a cosmic Collision: A Unique CME-Comet Encounter [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
S. Patsourakos What is really the structure of polar jet? [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
    EUVI Stereoscopic Observations of the May 16 Event  
A. Vourlidas First Direct Imaging of the Formation of a CIR [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
J. Gosling Interplanetary Reconnections [pdf, ppt]
R. Leske Stream Interaction Region Energetic Particles [pdf]
C. Manchester Modeling and in-situ results  
A. Galvin Overview of PLASTIC science results [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Popecki Suprathermal tails for solar wind heavy ions [pdf, ppt]
M. Kaiser/O. C. StCyr Dust Clouds [pdf, ppt]
M. Maksimovic Electron density & temperature [pdf]
C. Cattell Large amplitude whistlers in the radiation belts [pdf]
November 14    
Multi-point Observation Studies - Facilitator: A. Szabo    
Aschwanden, Wuelser, Lemen, First Stereoscopic 3D measurements of coronal loops, filaments, [pdf, ppt]
  Nitta, Sandman   CMEs, waves, and oscillations  
S. Plunkett Evolution of CMEs in the Heliosphere [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Y. Li, J. Lynch and J. Luhmann The photospheric and coronal magnetic field of STEREO CMEs [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
S. Jones and J. Davila Enhancement and Identification of Faint Features [pdf, ppt]
    in STEREO COR1 Images  
G. Petrie Near-real-time global coronal models with hourly synoptic magnetograms   [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
E. Huttunen The May 22-23, 2007 ICME: STEREO and L1 Observations [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
Y. Liu Thermodynamic Structure of CMEs/ICMEs  
S. Bale The Correlation Scale of Turbulence [pdf]
S. Suess IHY 2nd Whole Sun Month + Ulysses fast latitude scan [pdf, ppt, w/extra]
A. Klassen, R. Mueller-Mellin, Upstream events at a record distance of 0.3 AU from the bow shock, [pdf, ppt]
   R. Gomez    do they exist?  
M. I. Desai, G. M. Mason The Spatial Distribution of Upstream Ion Events Measured by [pdf, ppt]
     ACE, Wind and STEREO Near the Earth's Bow Shock  
M. Kaiser and M. Reiner Radio Triangulations [pdf, ppt]
Model - Data Comparisons - Facilitator: S. Bale    
B. Jackson Real-time forecasting with 3D IPS modeling [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
D. Webb, T. Howard Study of CME Propagation in the Inner Heliosphere [pdf, ppt, w/movies]
V. Pizzo, C. DeKoning and D. Biesecker   Geometric Localization of CMEs using COR2 Beacon Data [pdf]
Y. Liu Curvature and deflection flows of magnetic clouds at solar minimum [pdf, ppt]
C. Farrugia Force Free Models of Magnetic Clouds [pdf, ppt]
D. Malaspina, B. Ergun Eigenmode Structure in Solar Wind Langmuir Waves [pdf, ppt]
L. Jian, C. Russell Shocks, stream interactions, magnetic holes, discontinuities [pdf, ppt]
C. Farrugia Slow mode transition region/magnetic clouds [pdf, ppt]
L. Wang Supertermal electrons in solar wind [pdf, ppt]
P. Schroeder Data sources and tools  
N. Gopalswamy SECCHI/SOHO observations of metric type II bursts in 2007 [pdf, ppt, w/movies]