STEREO Science Working Group Meeting, 22 March 2004

NOAA Space Environment Center, Boulder Colorado

State of the STEREO Project N. Chrissotimos

M. Kaiser [pdf, ppt, ps]
Status and Plans for the STEREO SSC W. Thompson [pdf, ppt, ps]

Investigation Science and Data Analysis Plans updates

- SECCHI R. Howard et al. [pdf, ppt, (gzipped) ps]
- SWAVES J-L Bougeret et al. [pdf, ppt, (gzipped) ps, movies]
- PLASTIC A. Galvin et al. [pdf, ppt, (gzipped) ps]
- IMPACT J. Luhmann et al. [pdf, ppt, (gzipped) ps]

Discussion (led by M. Kaiser) [pdf, ppt, (gzipped) ps]

- Strategy for preparation for heliocentric orbit

- Future SWG and SSC activities

- Working groups

- Workshops

- Community involvement

- Any other business

State of STEREO Team Models and Potential/Plans for STEREO Analyses

- Lockheed

- SAIC J. Linker, P. Riley?
- NOAA-SEC/CIRES D. Odstrcil [pdf, ppt, (gzipped) ps, movies]
- U of Mich. I. Roussev [pdf, ppt, (gzipped) ps, movies]
- UNH C. Farrugia
- NRL S. Antiochos

Magnetograms for STEREO support R. Komm [pdf, pps, (gzipped) ps]

State of STEREOgraphic, 3D and Multipoint Data Analysis Tools

- Imaging P. Liewer [pdf, ppt, (gzipped) ps, movies]
- In-situ C. Cohen [pdf, ppt, (gzipped) ps]
- Combined J. Gosling
- Beacon D. Biesecker et al. [pdf, ppt, (gzipped) ps, images]
. . . Guidelines and Balance [pdf, ppt, ps]
. . . Example [pdf, ppt, ps]

Action items Mike Kaiser

Attendance list