STEREO Science Working Group Meeting Dec 15-16, 2003

SSL Berkeley, CA Room SSL Addition Lobby Conference Rm


-Project Status Mike Kaiser [pdf, ppt, ps]

-SSC Plans Bill Thompson [pdf, ppt, ps]
-Early Mission Ops Bill Thompson
[pdf, ppt, ps]

3D Imaging -- Markus Aschwanden speaker/discussion leader [pdf, ppt, ps]

-Stereographic Analysis
Paulett C. Liewer
[pdf, ppt, (gzipped) ps]
-HI Image Simulation Chris Davis [pdf, ppt, ps]

[ppt with movies]
-Hi operations Dave Neudegg [pdf, ppt, ps]
-HI/SECCHI Sarah Matthews
-SMEI Dave Webb [pdf, ppt, (gzipped) ps]

[ppt with movies]
-VSO Bill Thompson (for Joe Gurman) [pdf, ppt, (gzipped) ps]

In situ data -- Lynn Kistler/Stuart Bale speakers/discussion leaders

-VHO Adam Szabo

Combining images/in situ -- Dave Webb/Jack Gosling speakers/discussion leaders

-Beacon status Doug Biesecker/Bill Thompson [pdf, ppt, ps]
-HI Beacon plans Sarah Matthews [pdf, ppt, ps]

Other items

-Next meeting/WS Mike Kaiser
-Action items Mike Kaiser

Additional resources

-Attendance list

-Meeting notes
Toni Galvin