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Prediction for the 11 July 2010 Eclipse

As the Sun rotates, each region of the Sun is seen first by the STEREO Behind spacecraft, then from Earth, and finally by the STEREO Ahead spacecraft. By choosing the right date, one can use the STEREO Behind images to get a sense of what the Sun will look like as seen from Earth. Below are images chosen to represent what the Sun is predicted to look like during the total solar eclipse in the South Pacific on 11 July 2010. Click on each image for a full-resolution version.

195 A 171 A
284 A 304 A

The background subtractions applied to the COR1 and COR2 images are preliminary, and are subject to change. The time of the COR2 image was adjusted to avoid some CMEs which occured that day.

Below are contrast enhanced versions of the same COR1 and COR2 as above, using the non-radial gradient filter.


Another prediction for the upcoming solar eclipse is available from Predictive Science, Inc..

Now that the eclipse is over, we are able to show LASCO images of the solar corona during the time of the eclipse, to compare with the above predictions.


We also have this MLSO image taken close in time to the eclipse. Also available is a movie showing the Moon passing in front of the solar corona as seen from Hawaii.


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