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Data Quality

The following resources give information about data quality for the various instruments. One period which affected the operations of all the instruments occurred between August 2014 and January 2016 when telemetry rates were severely curtailed close to solar conjunction. More information about data status can be found here.


MAG Level 1 data contains internally a quality flag. Most IMPACT science is done with Level 2 data, and invalid data are removed from the Level 2 products. IMPACT data caveats can be found at



PLASTIC Level 1 data files include data error flags. PLASTIC science Level 2 and Level 3 data are derived from Level 1 data. Invalid data and non-operational data (e.g., intervals with the entrance system off, such as thruster operation) are marked and removed from Level 2 and removed from Level 3 products. Data quality flags are included in most Level 2 products that indicate when caution should be exercised when using the data. Data quality flags are explained in the ReadMe files.

PLASTIC-A: Data were not available from just before solar conjunction activities (December 2014) until post-conjunction re-commissioning (July 2015). Data were not available from Dec 5 2019 to March 1 2020 due to a high background incident affecting high voltages.

More information about PLASTIC data status


Events which affect SECCHI data are listed at

https://secchi.nrl.navy.mil/cnsrtm/ops/docs/secchievents.txt, and mirrored here.
Databases of individual bad images are maintained at


S/WAVES data has been of consistent quality throughout the mission.

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