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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Solar Terrestrial Probes Program Office in Greenbelt, Md. manages the STEREO mission, instruments and its science center. The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md. designed, built, and is operating the twin observatories for NASA during the mission.

Mission Management and Instrument Team Leaders

NASA STEREO Mission Management

Mission Director    James Dickey (GSFC)
Project Scientist    Therese Kucera (GSFC)
Deputy Project Scientist    Lan Jian (GSFC)
Program Scientist    Madhulika Gathukurta (NASA)
STEREO Science Center Chief Observer    Shaela I. Jones (CUA/GSFC)

APL STEREO Mission Management      
Project Manager    David Grant
System Engineer    Dan Wilson
Mission Operations    Owen Dudley

Instrument Team Leaders

Sun Earth Connection Coronal and Heliospheric Investigation (SECCHI)
Principal Investigator    Brian Wood, Naval Research Laboratory
Operations Manager    Nathan Rich, Naval Research Laboratory
In situ Measurements of PArticles and CME Transients (IMPACT)
Principal Investigator    Janet Luhmann, University of California-Berkeley
Operations Leads    Peter Schroeder, University of California-Berkeley
      James McTiernan, University of California-Berkeley
PLAsma and SupraThermal Ion Composition (PLASTIC)
Principal Investigator    Antoinette Galvin, University of New Hampshire
Operations Leads    David Heirtzler, University of New Hampshire
   John A. Gaidos, University of New Hampshire
   Lorna Ellis, University of New Hampshire
Co-Principal Investigator    Milan Maksimovic, Paris Observatory, Meudon
Co-Principal Investigator    Stuart Bale, University of California-Berkeley
Operations Manager    Keith Goetz, University of Minnesota

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